Don’t blame the lighting
MTV’s The Blame Game a hit using Martin lighting.
Posted: 26/8/1999
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Where else but America would you find a TV show which exposes the trials and tribulations, and embarassing moments, of young love gone wrong. MTV’s The Blame Game is a popular show which casts real life lovers in the spotlight to "tell their side of the story."

Aided by "The Blame Game" Counselors, who help to extract juicy stories and actively prosecute their opponent’s "client", the proceedings are overseen by "The Blame Game" Judge who acts as mediator and attempts to keep order in the court room. The contestants are taken through various rounds of questioning including Tick, Tock Testimony and You Did it, Now Admit It where contestants are asked to admit embarassing secrets about themselves in exchange for points. In the end, an audience of their peers decides who is to blame for the demise of the relationship.

MTV executives wanted to create a unique look for the show using the lighting design. This was accomplished with the theatrical use of 6 MAC 250s and 6 Pro 918s which projected patterns on the walls and floors using a broad color pallette. The Pro 918´s are used to put energy into the opening sequence of the show, while the MAC 250´s are used to bring excitement to transitions and special segments. The lighting for The Blame Game was done by Team Imagination, Inc. Lighting designer was Michael R. Veerkamp, assisted by Brian A. Rick.

The equipment performed flawlessly throughout the run of the show as it did during Team Imagination’s other MTV series, "The Cut", where the rig was outfitted with 23 MAC 500s, 13 Pro 918s and 17 MAC 600s.

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