New software for M-Series

13 Jan 2016

After extensive testing and implementation of additional user feedback, we are proud to release the new M-Series software version 3.50

The main attraction for this new software is the 2D Plan tool, which simplifies fixture selection by using a topographic representation of the fixtures in relation to the real world.

The M-Series 2D Plan allows multiple fixture layouts to be stored and recalled at any time. Several instances of the 2D Plan can be used simultaneously. In addition to fixtures, fixture groups and various shapes can be positioned on a 2D layout.

The content of each layout can subdivided into layers for better management, similar to many CAD tools.

When placing fixtures and objects, a set of alignment tools are accessible to quickly plan and distribute such as in-line, circle, grid, mirror, equal spacing, straighten and rotation tools. Background color and images can be set for each layout.

But that’s not all, as we’ve given the M-Series 2D Plan the ultimate fixture information feedback, displaying fixture selection, Intensity, color mixing, color wheel, motion and even a beam that represents the actual fixture’s pan/tilt movement.   

Our engineering team worked tirelessly to fine-tune this powerful engine. Even with all these features, the M-Series 2D Plan is extremely lightweight and demands little from the console or PC processor, leaving all necessary power to control the largest lightshows without worry.

The M-Series 2D Plan is unique in every way, so don’t wait and take it for a spin today!

Simple – Creative – Efficient

Martin M-Series

See this video showing the highlights of M-Series 2D Plan