Prolight + Sound 2016: Solutions to Evoke Emotions from Martin by HARMAN

5 Apr 2016

We are excited to showcase several new additions to the Martin by HARMAN family at Prolight + Sound 2016. We’ll be showcasing the following fixtures and controllers at stand #4.0 D10 from April 5-8 in Frankfurt.

The MAC Axiom Hybrid is a true all-in-one beam and spot fixture. The hybrid solution combines beam and spot functionality into a compact unit that also offers diffused wash and remarkable intensity. The unit’s seamless zoom and focus capability eliminates the need for dedicated beam or spot modes and allows for both instant as well as discrete transitions from a high-intensity collimated beam to a flat field spot. The MAC Axiom Hybrid’s precise optical system offers high contrast, both in mid-air and projection, as well as a surprisingly flat field not often seen with this short-arc lamp technology.

The outdoor-rated Exterior Projection 500 is a powerful creative fixture for the integration of light textures and graphics in outdoor lighting designs. The Exterior Projection 500 is specifically designed to project crisp images and striking lighting patterns on buildings and structure exteriors such as stadiums, arenas, hotels, theme parks, convention centers and more.

Ideal for customers involved in the house of worship and performance theater markets, the RUSH MH 6 Wash CT is a compact yet powerful bright LED wash light head. Fast and agile, it features a fully pre-mixed white color system from 12W x 10W cold white/ warm white LEDs with a spectacular 10°–60° zoom. It also offers full electronic dimming, strobe effects and temperature-controlled fan cooling for quiet operation.

The versatile RUSH MH 7 Hybrid is the latest in a series of solutions that give lighting designers the ability to evoke emotions in any environment or venue. Combining the capabilities of Martin’s high-quality 250W Beam, Spot and Wash moving heads in a single fixture, the MH 7 Hybrid doesn’t compromise quality for flexibility. The system’s flat, crisp, high-contrast optics and full feature set, including zoom, meet the high standards that Martin customers have come to expect.

A compact and bright LED profile moving head, the RUSH MH 8 Mini Profile exceeds expectations, thanks to market-leading sharp and efficient optics. Featuring a full range of gobos and colors from separate effect wheels, a DMX interface and sound to light control, it’s an ideal choice for mobile DJs, bands and installations where affordability and size are critical factors. This fixture features a compact 18W LED profile moving head and Osram 18W cold white LED with a 14-degree beam angle. Electronic dimming, strobe and manual focus are also included.

The M-Play is a playback and control surface that offers a wide range of playback-specific tools. Featuring a truly innovative control surface with Force Sensor Resistive (FSR) faders and velocity-controlled pads, users can access playback and function keys of any sort. The M-Play offers a dual bank system with two separate and independent playback sections, each with their own bank of controls. The surface features rugged aluminum construction for durability, 12 FSR faders, 48 direct-access playback and function keys, and a DMX port. The M-Play comes with one DMX 512 universe for direct control of any compatible DMX device.

The P3-050 System Controller brings the power of P3 to a price point unseen before. It packs the same features as the P3-150, but with an output restricted to 100,000 pixels, allowing a significantly lower price. An ideal companion to the Martin VDO Sceptron, it can drive 1,000 VDO Sceptron 10 fixtures.

The P3-150 System Controller is a replacement for the P3-100 and P3-200 controllers, which have led the industry for more than seven years. But the P3-150 is not just a simple replacement. Many improvements have been packed into the P3-150, including a more compact one-unit rack housing, thru connections on DVI and DMX, full HD DVI (1920x1080) input and active workspace, and more robust construction.

Solutions to evoke emotions
The nature of our business is to create products that enable you to create experiences for people. Whether they are an audience at a show, citizens of a city or guests at a nightclub, our common goal is to evoke their emotions with creative solutions. Evoke emotions? Call it what you want; call it making an impact, inspiring or simply getting a reaction from the crowd. Either way, it ties in with our emotions. This emotional connection is what will turn experiences into memories and make people come back for more.