Unique graze lighting effects with unseen color and brightness uniformity

8 Feb 2017

The new Exterior PixLine™ Graze from Martin by HARMAN brings exciting new graze lighting and wall washing effects to architectural lighting. This is far from your traditional graze lighting. It’s a video fixture powerful enough to provide even light distribution and great reach. Unlike direct view fixtures, PixLine™ Graze’s new, asymmetric lens is designed specifically for graze lighting and wall washing applications and gives you everything from crazy, scintillating sequences to rich, solid colors. It easily delivers up to 4 m/13 ft. of vertical illumination and allows you to run video content for that jaw dropping auroral effect we all aspire for. 

Says Robert Svensson, Martin by HARMAN product manager, Large Venue: “It’s really a quite brilliant effect you get from using video content for graze lighting and wall washing applications. The Exterior PixLine™ fixtures are driven by the Martin P3 System Controller that lets you create some truly amazing visuals and offers a whole new palette of creative options”.

On the handy side of things, all models in this range of compact and sturdy all-weather fixtures come in both a left and a right version for smooth cable runs.

Check out the Exterior PixLine Graze in action, delivering the new standard in creative video graze lighting and wall washing.