iOS M-Series Remote

​Effective 14 March, 2018, Elation Professional has acquired the M-Series range of lighting controllers and software from HARMAN Professional and will now be providing sales and product support. View the announcement from Elation Professional.

The iOS M-Series Remote is your personal assistant to remotely control lighting devices straight from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It is the ultimate remote tool for the Martin M-Series lighting consoles, as well as the M-PC. It is the ideal tool for updating presets on stage and features a beautiful user interface and original features.

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  • Automatic discovery
  • Controls M-Series products remotely
  • Black skin for dark environments
  • Integrated help
  • Passcode protected
  • Saves show data for fast follow up synchronization
  • Controls all fixtures in a show
  • Integrated fixture search
  • Create and edit presets
  • Pan/Tilt view with built-in accelerometer support under sensor mode
  • Color picker with support for Lee, Rosco and GAM filters
  • Easy manipulation of all DMX channels
  • Fast menu appears when shaking device (clears values quickly)
  • Keypad for direct access to command lines functions
  • Start, pause and release cuelists, chases, etc.
  • Exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Tech specs