The environment and Martin

Martin maintains a strong environmental and ethical focus at our facilities in Denmark, the United Kingdom, and China. All manufacturing facilities house state-of-the-art processes using an extreme degree of automation. Furthermore, we track our energy consumption, waste materials disposal, and a number of other parameters at all sites, including our headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark. To support these efforts, we have formulated the following environmental policy. Please contact Martin if you wish to hear more about how we enact our environmental responsibility.

Martin Professional Environmental Policy
Martin Professional is a worldwide supplier of intelligent lighting, architectural lighting and Smoke products, and we recognize that our day-to-day operations inevitably impact on the environment.

As a global company we wish to minimize the potentially harmful effects of such activities where and whenever possible. The management of Martin Professional is committed to continual improvements in environmental performance and prevention of pollution.

Environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice will be regarded as setting the minimum standards of environmental performance. Best practices and legislations from other industries will be taken into consideration and where applicable used within Martin facilities.

As part of Martin’s continuous drive for high performance in all aspects of business, we have developed a comprehensive policy statement that will enable us to set our targets, by which our efforts towards sustainable environment improvement can be monitored on a regular basis.

To minimize the adverse effects on the environment from our operational activities, we have set the following objectives within the policy:
• Promote recycling and use of recycled materials, whilst reducing consumption of materials wherever possible.
• Minimize waste in all operations and product development.
• Meet, and where appropriate, exceed the requirements of legislative, regulatory and contractual obligations.
• Continue to be at the leading edge of innovation in order to improve the performance of our processes and products to increase efficiency and minimize impact on the environment.
• To minimize the social impact of company activities and avoid damage to the environment through regular reviews of the business, from environmental and management system audits, use of lean manufacturing tools/techniques and 5S implementation.
• To promote environmental awareness throughout the organization, including energy consumption
• Martin Professional will continuously set environmental targets and goals designed to improve our environmental performance.

WEEE - Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Martin Discharge Lamp Shutdown Guidelines (pdf)

List of Prohibited Substances and Materials (pdf)