Controller fixture library request
Controller fixture library request
Fixture libraries for Martin controllers can be requested with the form below.
Please check the following links first if your desired fixture exists already for your controller. Download links are provided on the products support pages.

Martin Lightjockey:

Martin Showdesigner:

M-Series, Maxxyz, Maxedia:

If the desired fixture profile does not exist, please fill out the form. Provide as much information as possible, including links to manual, support pages etc. Also provide your contact info for questions and so we can notify you once the fixture profile is available.

Please allow 3-7 business days and indicate if the fixture is needed sooner so we can prioritize our efforts.

Please note that not all fixture request can be accepted. We reserve the right refuse certain request base on IP infringement of Martin products.

1. Select the Martin Controller the fixture library should be built for (at least one):
M-Series, Maxxyz, Maxedia
Martin Showdesigner 5 (MSD5) Gold, Live, MC and LI
2. Fill out the required information below:
Fixture Name 
Product Web Link 
Required Mode(s) 
   *    Click Here to Pick the date   Click on the icon to pick a date
3. Upload any file attachments here:
                Please Note
      File Upload may take several minutes.
Please wait until the filename appears in the window below.

4. Your contact info:
Email address 
Please type the following numbers  
into the box provided:   CodeIt
NB: Please be sure that you have clicked 'Upload', for all files
you wish to attach, before you submit this form.

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