MAC 700 Profile™
The MAC 700 Profile is a compact, powerful fixture with an output and optical precision beyond its peers. It combines a full CMY color mixing system with an 8-position color wheel and a patented gobo animation system for subtle or dramatic effects. It also features rotating gobos, fixed gobos, iris, zoom system and rotating prism.
  • 700 W short arc discharge lamp
  • Total output up to 14700 lumens
  • CMY color mixing system
  • 8 position color wheel plus open
  • 9 static gobos plus open
  • 6 indexable rotating gobos plus open
  • Motorized zoom and focus
  • Mechanical dimming
  • Gobo animation wheel with full movement / direction control
  • Interchangeable 3-facet rotating prism
  • Motorized iris
  • Rapid strobe effects (up to 10 Hz)
  • Pan and tilt range of 540°/246°
  • Variable fan control for quieter operation
  • Electronic ballast with hot lamp restrike and flicker free light
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Stock No.: 62325048
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Radial Breakup Open Gobo Spiral Radial Circles Red/Yellow Milkyway Water Flames Crackle Triangles (small) Tye Dye Globo Worms Bio Leaf Breakup Les Mis Whirlpool Two Tone
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MAC 700 Profile Video
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