MAC III Wash™ (Discontinued)
The MAC III Wash is a full-feature, full-range wash luminaire with a unique internal barndoor system (shutters) that enables designers to shape and control light projection onto stages, performers, scenery, scrims or any set element with great precision. Its internal framing system makes it a highly capable, automated substitute for a conventional 2.5 kW daylight Fresnel fixture.

The MAC III Wash features an outstanding quality of light with unlimited color choices and impressive power. Unlike other fixtures, the MAC III Wash maintains near full efficiency throughout the entire zoom range with no visible beam jump when zooming from tight to wide.
  • Powerful wash light with internal barndoors
  • 1:4 fully linear zoom and no lens changes
  • CMY color mixing plus color wheel
  • Variable CTO
  • Iris
  • Dimmer / Shutter
  • 9-inch Fresnel lens
  • Optional clear PC lens
  • Very quiet
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