Product - Magnum 2000™
Magnum 2000™
The most specified fog machine in the world. The Magnum 2000 is the authority in portable fog machines. Few other portable foggers can match the optional DMX controlled output of the Magnum 2000, or its logical plug and fog simplicity.
  • 700 m³/min fog output 
  • 1600 W heat exchanger
  • 8 min heat-up time
  • Continuous output
  • Optional DMX
  • Floor standing or truss mounting
  • 9.5 liter fluid capacity
  • Different fluid options for different applications
  • DMX with optional DMX interface module
  • On-board control panel
  • Removable panel for remote control
  • Timer and output level remote control
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Fluids used in this product
i-fog i-fog is not only kind to your lights, but is also more economical to use thanks to its incredible long “hang time” characteristics. In environments unaffected by extraction and air-conditioning, i-fog can be expected to last 30% longer. In fact it is essential that all autotimer programmed foggers be adjusted to lower output, shorter duration and longer delays in repeat firing, to avoid atmospheric saturation.
Pro Smoke High Density The SP Mix generates a high density, white, air-born fog with a very high index of refraction and slower evaporation rate. It is well suited for scenic obscuring and strobes “white-out”.
Pro Smoke Studio (DX mix) In a studio or theater environment, a lighter, faster dispersing fog is often preferred. Pro-Smoke Studio offers a less dense environment to Pro-Smoke Super and is therefore less likely to interfere with TV camera focusing.
Pro Smoke Super (ZR mix) This industry standard fluid is the automatic choice of most users. A dense white air-born fog is produced with a medium length dispersal time. Its medium to high index of refraction makes this formula ideal for all effects.
Regular DJ Fluid (DJ mix) This specially formulated economy mix is perfect for medium density, air-born fog effects. It is particularly well suited for the Magnum 550 and 800.
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Magnum 2000 Video
Magnum 2000 Case Stories

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