Martin Maxedia Broadcast™ Optimized for High Definition Playback
Martin media server contains the fastest hardware available for powerful and smooth playback of HD content
Posted: 1/12/2009
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Maxedia Broadcast™
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Maxedia Broadcast™, the latest generation of Martin Professional’s user-friendly Maxedia™media composer and playback device, is optimized for High Definition playback with ultra fast quad core processors, 1080p playback support and two dedicated engine outputs.
Increased requirements for the best picture quality possible place a huge demand on hardware to process the large amount of data. Maxedia Broadcast contains the fastest hardware available for powerful and smooth playback of High Definition content. Nearly a terrabyte of drive space in a RAID array is available to support even the largest shows.

Two powerful graphics cards provide a dedicated user interface plus two engine outputs. Each output can be split over a maximum of three displays for custom wide- screen projections, allowing a maximum of six projectors to be connected to Maxedia Broadcast. Maxedia Broadcast supports a full pixelmapping engine for CMY and RGB systems. It has the same intuitive graphical user interface as other Maxedia systems and can be networked with them as well.

Utilizing an intuitive touchscreen-optimized user interface, Maxedia offers users a vast library of media content – video clips, still images and integrated animations - without the need for a complex lighting controller. With 16 screen views, Maxedia offers plenty of options to customize the user interface around the needs of the application.

Maxedia allows for overlay of media files in multiple layers and media can be manipulated in hundreds of ways including color control, keystoning and framing of playback. With media that is composed quickly and recalled instantly, it is an ideal content server for video systems as background animations, etc. Maxedia can drive any form of display device from plasma screens to projectors and creative LED displays.

Sold as a complete system in a custom designed road case, every Maxedia is extensively tested with hours of burn-in testing performed to ensure high standards.

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