Celebrity Beyond Cruise Ship

The Opportunity

Celebrity Beyond is a luxury cruise ship that was destined to receive a next generation, state-of-the-art architecture and entertainment lighting solution during its design phase. The Celebrity Beyond design team was wanting a truly unique and powerful solution that reflected art and movement to create something far beyond basic lighting support.

The Solution

The solution that was custom-designed to surpass the design team’s vision combined Martin entertainment and architectural lighting visuals that created completely different experiences throughout the day and night, from the walk along the deck to the pool to the restaurants and theatres and beyond. Celebrity Beyond’s unbelievable Pool Deck Pyramid Wall is a truly unique attraction. It is a creative custom art solution that was developed from a vision the client had to create a lightbox within each of the unique pyramids to make the wall come alive in color and light. The wall features 440 Martin Exterior Linear Quad Graze fixtures illuminating 188 individual pyramids that utilized PMMA-mounted extrusions. The Exterior Linear’s integrated color boosting feature was an important tool for delivering full-powered illumination of a single color or mixed colors, as well as segment control which offers tremendous versatility, featuring high output with discreet yet robust housings. Delivering uniform light distribution, Exterior Linear fixtures are perfect for highlighting textured surfaces, walls, facades, ceilings and other surfaces.

The Impact

“The Celebrity Beyond Team appreciated the ability to add creative elements to theatres and venues, both indoors and outdoors using Martin VDO premium creative video pixel solutions and Martin P3 Control,” said Morten Gjotz, Global Sales Director of Cruise/Marine and Theme Projects for HARMAN Professional Solutions. Morten continued, “The Martin ERA Profile has an extra rotating gobo wheel which offers a wide selection of gobos to create more looks. This was ideal for entertainment spaces that need to be multi-purposed so that repeat guests, attending different shows every other night, are still offered new looks, new gobos for different shows and different lighting designs. This variation to create unlimited new looks to transform spaces is what helps to make entertainment on Celebrity Beyond truly remarkable.”

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