Junction Square Shopping Centre, Myanmar

The Opportunity

Located near the intersection of two major roads in Myanmar’s largest city, Junction Square attracts over 7.3 million shoppers each year from Yangon and the surrounding area. The mall encompasses 305,000 square feet and houses 270 shops and restaurants, three movie theaters (including a 3D cinema), a playground and an outdoor water fountain. Property owner Shwe Taung Development hired Krislite (Lighting Specialist) to equip the mall with the right lighting system support all their needs.

The Solution

Property owner Shwe Taung Development hired Krislite (Lighting Specialist) to equip the mall with an interconnected system of MAC Quantum Profile fixtures and RDM 5.5 Splitters. In addition to everyday commerce, Junction Square hosts seasonal festivals, stage shows, product launches, and charity events, often in their vast open atrium. Krislite (Lighting Specialist Co Ltd) chose MAC Quantum Profile fixtures for the installation for their versatility in colors and effects, compact profile, ease of configuration, and high output to power consumption ratio. They selected Martin RDM 5.5 Splitters to maintain proper data over long, branching cable runs throughout the installation. The splitters’ compact size and multiple mounting options keep them discrete and out of the way.

The Impact

“Martin fixtures were our primary choice due to their versatility, flexibility, and relative simplicity,” said Myintzu, Business Manager at Krislite (Lighting Specialist Co Ltd). “In addition to meeting our client’s requirement and expectations, they also offer significant advantages during installation like allowing facility managers to make changes or reconfigure the system smoothly.”

“We were looking for a system that was simple to use and integrate from a management and operations perspective,” a spokesperson at Junction Square said of the project. “Along with being reliable and adaptable, we wanted it to be easy to configure. Martin’s range of products seemed to fit our requirements perfectly and presented us with an efficient, slick and state-of-the-art finish.”