Martin Service Keeps BT Tower LED Screen Shining Bright

October 01, 2012

The much talked about, 360-degree information screen atop the BT Tower in London, made up of Martin Professional LC Plus Series™ LED panels, gets a visit from the Martin Service Department each month, and has done so ever since debuting over 1000 days ago.

“Since its installation almost three years ago, Martin Professional have been invaluable in the smooth operation of the BT Tower display,” states Jared Ruddy, Group Marketing & Brand manager at BT. “It’s the biggest of its kind in Europe and has become a familiar sight for Londoners.”

Used to display a variety of visual content, the 59 meter long by 4.8 meter high information screen is visible across the city. A key visual landmark in London’s busy 2012 summer of sport, the screen has endured harsh weather conditions since its installation in October of 2009.

“We counted down from 1000 days in the lead up to the start of the London 2012 Games and during the events themselves we celebrated every GB medal victory, reported key moments and flashed up the public’s messages of support from social media channels,” Jared states.
“This wouldn’t have been possible without our service agreement with Martin Professional and their round-the-clock expert assistance. Their support has enabled us to fulfil our strategic objectives with ease and confidence, maximizing the possibilities of the screen and mitigating crucial brand risk.”

Martin’s UK Service Department swaps out six panels each month on a preventative maintenance schedule that, coupled with general service and technical support, has kept the display as captivating as ever.