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  • Product: 141
    Cyclo Series (Discontinued)
    Cyclo Series The Cyclo Series provides a simple dynamic lighting solution for stores and other commercial applications, with a fluorescent linear luminaire that uniformly washes surfaces in color and variable c...
  • Product: 142
    MAC TW1 (Discontinued)
    MAC TW1 The MAC TW1 is a powerful, silent tungsten wash light with a clean, even, soft-edged beam, a motorized zoom, exceptional and rich CMY color mixing and can be run from the built-in dimmer or from an...
  • Product: 143
    RGB Laser 1 6 (Discontinued)
    RGB Laser 1 6 The Martin RGB Laser 1.6 is a compact and lightweight Class 4 laser with deep saturated colors and true whites, and an impressive spread angle of 80 x 80 degrees.
  • Product: 144
    Alien LED Downlight (Discontinued)
    Alien LED Downlight This range of plug-and-play recessed LED downlights features RGB+W color mixing designed for accent lighting in colored or variable white light. With its tough IP67 rating, the Alien LED Downlight ...
  • Product: 145
    EvenLED (Discontinued)
    EvenLED EvenLED is a high-brightness modular system of RGB LED panels used together with a rear-projection material to create a completely even and flicker-free field of light over cycloramas and other sem...
  • Product: 146
    Atomic 3000 LED The Atomic™ 3000 LED is the perfect blend of a traditional strobe and cutting-edge LED technology. Capitalizing on the original Atomic™ 3000 DMX’s 15 years of success, this new version features ide...