The electric connection socket for the barn door accessory was incorrectly mounted on some MAC 2000 Washes before S/N 4001816001. To avoid damaging the barn door´s electronics, please check the socket´s orientation before installing and operating the barn doors.

The orientation can be checked by examining the triangles in the middle of the socket. When installed correctly, the tips of the triangles point IN towards the lens as shown below.

If the triangles point away from the lens, you can flip the connector on the Wash (not the barn doors) as follows:

  • Lock the head in the horizontal position with the top-side up. 
  • Remove the left-front head side cover.
  • Loosen, but do not remove, the top screw for the connection socket. 
  • Remove the bottom screw. 
  • Work the socket free and turn it 180 degrees. 
  • Place the u-shaped bracket on the bottom of the socket. 
  • Position the socket in the top u-bracket and fasten. 
  • Verify that the socket is squarely aligned and the triangles point in.
  • Replace the head side cover.

Note that although the socket is coded, the barn door plug can be forced in backwards. Damage to the electronics will occur if power is applied with the connection reversed.