Glaciator X-Stream Compressor Electrics Box - 26570150

Glaciator X-Stream Compressor Electrics Box - 26570150

Previously only available as part of the complete compressor assembly, the electrics box is finally available on its own.
The Glaciator X-Stream electrics box contains both capacitors pre-wired, the relay and is a simple fit to existing compressor assemblies.

Older products that have the white ‘external’ capacitor are also compatible with this unit (the capacitor is now located ‘inside’ the electrics box).

Mounting holes:
Older machines with the older electrics box will need to be adapted to accept the slightly wider electrics box (direct replacement of newer machines is not affected).

Front mounting hole is still used:

Rear mounting hole is no longer used so a captive nut (or washer/nyloc) arrangement will need to be used: