The Hydra uses a specific protocol for data exchange between the base and heads. Because the system uses return communication, the data link is left idle (i.e. all units in RX mode) for long periods. This makes it more susceptible to interference than DMX, and means that terminators are necessary at both ends of the link for error-free communication (especially in electrically noisy environments). Use only the AC/DC terminators provided with the system, since standard 120 ohm DMX terminators will not work reliably. The AC/DC terminators can be identified by the coloured band on the body of the connector.

The part numbers for the special Hydra terminators are:

  • P/N 56250080, ‘Terminator, 3-pin, male, Hydra’
  • P/N 56250090, ‘Terminator, 3-pin, female, Hydra’