Live heat sink in the base of the MAC Viper Profile - 7 Sep 2012

Safety concerns have recently been raised regarding access to the two large heat sinks
in the base of the MAC Viper Profile that are live when the fixture is powered up. When
running the fixture with the base covers off, contact with the heat sinks should always
be avoided.

There are two large PCBs in the base of the MAC Viper Profile. One PCB is the electronic ballast
and the other PCB is the Power Factor Correction / SMPS PCB. On each PCB are two large pieces
of heat sink that keep the power transistors cool and operational. The design of the two PCBs was
done in a way that makes one of the two heat sinks on each PCB live when the fixture is powered
Although the design corresponds to safety standards, is ETL approved and the heat sinks are
marked with warning stickers, we are taking the concerns very seriously.
Martin Professional is currently developing a cover that can be installed on top of the heat sink, isolating the
top part of the heat sink and make it less accessible and harder to accidentally touch.
The cover will be made in a bright color with a warning sign and possibly text molded into the cover.
The heat sink cover will be in production as soon as possible and will be available to any customer
who owns a MAC Viper Profile and wishes to upgrade their fixtures with the cover.

Unfortunately the lead time is approximately two months so we are therefore implementing a
temporary solution until the plastic cover is ready for shipment.

The temporary solution consists of a piece of VoltaFlex paper (the same that is used on the base
cover). This piece of VoltaFlex, designed to fit the heat sinks, has a sticky side so it is easy to
place right on top of the heat sink. The VoltaFlex paper insulates the top of the heat sink the same
way the plastic cover will. It is a temporarily solution that will work in the short term until the plastic
cover is ready. The VoltaFlex solution will be ready to ship end of next week and will be available for
all MAC Viper Profile owners who wish to upgrade to the temporary solution.

A tech note will be released when each solution is ready for shipment with information on how to order
and how to install each solution.

If there are any questions or further concerns please don’t hesitate to contact your local
Martin Professional representative.