MACIII Profile & Performance – Focus lens cracking

Regular cleaning of the lenses in the MACIII series products is extremely important to avoid having the focus lens crack.

When using the different effects in the fixture, black dust will inevitable settle on the lenses and absorb heat from the lamp. This creates a hot spot on the lens and it will eventually make the lens crack due to the temperature differences on the surface of the lens. The black dust is coming from belts used to drive the different effects and from the framing blades. Especially new framing blades will produce a substantial amount of black dust because the excess surface treatment that is worn off to begin with.

According to the maintenance schedule for the MACIII series products you should clean the lenses every 750 hours. This does however depends on how the product is used and in what environment so it needs to be evaluated in each case.

A lens that cracks due to lack of maintenance is obviously not covered by warranty.

If you have questions to the above don’t hesitate to contact your Martin Professional service center.