We have implemented a mains cable with a neoprene rubber jacket in the Exterior 600 and Exterior 600 Compact. The rubber cable, P/N 11521007, "Mains Cable 3x1,5# SJO, 300CM", is more resistant to permanent deformation at the cable gland than PVC cable and thus provides superior protection over time against water entry. If you choose to install the Exterior 600 with your own mains cable, use Hypalon or neoprene rubber-jacket cable. The conductor size shall be no less than 1.5 square mm (ca. 16 AWG).

The cable gland must be replaced if the outside cable diameter is larger than 10 mm or smaller than 5.5 mm. The replacement cable gland must meet the following specifications:

  • Temperature range: -20 to 70 degrees C
  • Ingress protection rating: IP 67 or 68
  • Entry thread size: PG 11
  • Minimum entry thread length: 8 mm