Compatibility issues with Martin Uploader software

We see an increase in questions from customers related to compatibility issues between the Martin Uploader tool and Windows 8 or 10. Please note that the Martin Uploader software has the following limitations:

  • • The Martin DABS USB device and Martin MUM software are not compatible with Windows 8 or 10
  • • The Martin Uploader software is not compatible with Windows 10
  • • The Martin Uploader software cannot be on the same PC as Martin M-PC 3.50, Lightjockey 2.110.2 or later versions.
  • • The USB drivers for Martin hardware had to change to work with Windows 10 and the uploader software is no longer compatible.

For fixture uploads it is recommended that you:

  • • Use USB sticks for compatible fixtures
  • • Keep a dedicated windows 7 system with a version of M-PC lower than 3.50 and versions of LightJockey lower than 2.110.2.