Martin Effect Fluid Service Life and Operating Guidelines

Service Life:

Effect fluids should be stored in temperatures nominally in the range of 10-30° C (50-86° F).
Effect fluids should be stored in sealed containers to prevent contamination and carries a stable shelf life for up to 5-years when un-opened.
Effect fluids that have been opened or is in effect machines have a reduction in shelf life of 2-years if used and stored in the nominal temperature ranges.
Effect fluids can be stored and used at higher or lower ambient temperatures, but with loss of service life.

Effect machines should not be stored with effect fluids in them for extended periods as this can not only reduce the quality of the fluid, it will reduce the operating life of the heat exchanger of the machine. It is recommended to use Martin Pro-Clean and Storage Fluid in effect machines if they are to be stored for extended periods of time without use.

Effect Fluid Operating Guidelines:

Minimum operating temperature (Ta min), all fluids: 5° C (41° F)*
Maximum operating temperature (Ta max), JEM Low-Fog Fluids: 35° (95° F)*
Maximum operating temperature (Ta max), all other fluids: 40° C (104° F)*
*While it is possible to use fluid at or above these guidelines it is not advisable to do so as the risk to damage effect machines increases.