A Martin to DMX Converter (P/N 90758070) is now available that allows programming and control of DMX fixtures with the 3032 controller and with 2510 controllers loaded with 3032 sequences.

The converter connects to the Martin serial link like a fixture. It reads and translates 16 Martin channels to 128 DMX channels starting from the Martin channel selected as the converter address. DMX output is transmitted on a separate data link. Two converters, addressed to channels 1 and 17, may be used to translate a full link of 32 Martin channels to 256 DMX channels.

Version 2.08 of the 3032 PC software is required and is available for download from the Martin web site. No upgrade of the 2510 Controller firmware is required.

The converter’s "fixture" personality in the 3032 is a set of 8 generic faders for direct control of DMX control values from 0-255. Several contiguous personalities can be used control fixtures with more than 8 channels. The converter does not provide tracking control: program DMX-only fixtures in "vector" mode when applicable.