We have seen a number of OSRAM 1200W lamps that are too long to fit properly in the MAC 2000 series lamp socket. Forcing a long lamp into the socket results in a poor electrical contact that can cause arcing, reduced lamp-life, and increased risk of lamp explosion.

We are checking with OSRAM about the extent of this problem. It appears that lamps with batch codes qB1 and qB2 are effected. For now, we recommend that you check SharXS HTI 1200W/D7/60 and HMI 1200 WS lamps before installing by measuring the distance between the contact surfaces as shown. It should be no longer than 116 mm (4 9/16 in.). Do not use lamps that are longer than this.

If you do find lamps that are longer than 116mm, please contact your Martin Service Representative.