The MAC 700 Profile and MAC 550 Profile are now being supplied with the new service-friendly head side cover and air filter from the MAC 700 Wash. In the new assembly, the filter is held in place by a metal retaining clip with four 3.5 x 8 crosshead screws, eliminating the need for adhesive.

The part number for the new side cover and air filter as a complete assembly is:

  • - P/N 55245004: "Side cover w. air filter M700W"

Part numbers for the individual new components are as follows:

  • P/N 23401900: "Side cover, head M700W"
  • P/N 20800170: "Air filter M700W"
  • P/N 17780640: "Air filter retainer M700W"

The old air filter fitted to fixtures with the old head side cover (P/N 23401476: "Side cover, head M550") is still available as a spare part (P/N 20800120: "Airfilter Head MAC550").