The RoboColor Pro 400 Fiber is now being produced with a new female cable adapter fitting that allows the fixture to be used with the same male adapter as the FiberSource. The male fitting is designed to hold fiber optic cables varying from 8.3 to 19.3 mm thick (50 to 300 1 mm fibers).

To upgrade an existing Pro 400 Fiber with the new female adapter (P/N 91614005), simply remove the front plate and then switch the old adapter out with the new one. The new adapter mounts to the back (lamp side) of the plate, just like the old adapter.

The male adapter must be ordered separately and comes in a kit (P/N 91611016) that includes tools and instructions for installing cable in the adapter.

Note: Insert the male adapter into the RoboColor Pro 400 so that the groove indicated on the label lines up with the face of the female fitting. Inserting the adapter too far can result in damage to the UV filter and/or overheating of the optic cable.

A kit (P/N 91614002) is also available for converting a normal Pro 400 to a Pro 400 Fiber.