New 1- and 2-unit flight cases have been developed for the MAC 2000 series since the MAC 2000 Wash was released. The original 2-unit flight case (P/N 91510006, "Flight case 2 * MAC2000 special twin flight case, without wheels mounted") has been phased out because it is slightly too small for the MAC 2000 Wash. It has been replaced by P/N 91510011, "Flight case, 2* MAC2000 Profile/Wash", which may be used for all models of the MAC 2000. This flight case provides room for one extra lens for each fixture, and has been modified for improved stability.

The 1-unit flight case, P/N 91510008, "Flight case 1 * MAC2000 re- usable road case, without wheels mounted" is also being phased out and replaced by P/N 91510012, "Flight case, 1 * MAC 2000 Prof/Perf/Wash." The MAC 2000 Wash does fit in the original 1-unit case, but not with the PC lens installed.

Old and new flight cases are easy to distinguish. The end panels are black on the original flight cases and grey on the new, MAC 2000 Wash compatible flight cases.