Now that most new PCs are equipped with IBM PC-AT mini DB-9 serial ports, we have changed the RS-232 data cable that is included with the MPBB1 Uploader and the 2532 D.A. Controller to a 9-pin female to 9-pin female. The cable is available as P/N 11840025, "Null modem Cable D9-D9, female-female." This cable is wired pin-2 to pin-2, pin-3 to pin-3, and pin-5 to pin-5.

For computers with 25-pin serial ports, use P/N 11840006, "Null modem Cable D9-D25, for 2532 DA" or replace one 9-pin plug with a 25-pin plug wired as shown in the latest version of the MPBB1 and 2532 user manuals.