The software and hardware compatibility issues when updating fixture software via the serial link can be confusing. The Software Uploader version, upload file format, and upload device must be compatible with each other, the PC, and the fixture. A full description of what works with what is available on the User Support page for the Software Uploader at

The present requirements for uploading software to all Martin fixtures capable of serial upload are as follows:

  • Computer: Windows 95/98/2K PC
  • PC software: Martin Software Uploader Version 4.0
  • Upload file format: MU3
  • Upload device: MP-2

The MPBB1 Uploader may be used as an upload device but it does not support the MAC 2000 Profile or the Exterior 200.

The LightJockey 4064 ISA DMX Interface supports all fixtures and may be used as an upload device with Windows 95/98 systems. The interface is not supported by Windows 2000.

The Case Controller supports serial upload starting from Case software version 7.3.