The top cover of the MX-10 is fastened to the chassis with 2 screws at the front and 2 screws at the back. The 2 screws in the middle of the top cover are not meant to be turned and have caps installed to prevent the insertion of a hex key.

The caps were not glued to the screws properly in some units before S/N 4267990001 and may have fallen out of the screws during shipment.

The concern is that the retention wire for the top cover attaches to one of these screws and turning them can cause the wire to wind around the screw and pull the chassis out of alignment.

If the screw caps are missing or loose in your MX-10s, we suggest that you plug the screws to prevent accidental damage. The official solution is to use two "M6 cover caps f. Allen screw", P/N 08113804, and glue them with "Locktite 406 20 gr", P/N 37000203. Any glue suitable for metal and plastic, however, may be used.