If NOT using the Samson wireless microphone system (supplied by Martin) with the MLD system, please note the following:

The system will NOT work without the high-pass filter

If using the system without the high-pass filter between the microphone and the transmitter, the entire audible spectrum will be picked up and subsequently disturb the high frequency tracking signal. Also note that only a few types of microphones have suitable characteristics to work with the system. Therefore, ONLY use the system with the dedicated microphone and filter. The filter can be used with other brands of wireless microphone systems, but you may need to replace the mini-XLR connector to a type that fits the particular transmitter.

Microphone/filter package

The MLD microphone/filter kit is available as P/N (91613003) and includes:

  • Microphone with attached high-pass filter and 3-pin mini-XLR connector
  • DC supply cable for receiver
  • Audio jack-to-XLR cable for receiver

This microphone/filter package is now removed from the the wireless microphone systems, which then includes only the transmitter (belt-pack), receiver and battery.

The connections between transmitter and filter should be as follows:

Pin number

(Mini XLR Samson)











+Vcc (5 to 9V DC)

Normal phantom power cannot be used - connect directly to 9V battery supply.





NOTE: The impedance of typical phantom power supplies is too high to feed the high-pass filter (typically 10 to 15K). Therefore, as specified in the table above, the transmitterĀ“s filter supply (+Vcc) must be connected directly to the red wire of the high-pass filter (bypass the resistor using a jumper). You must conduct this modification on the transmitter, if not using the Samson type modified and supplied by Martin.