EXTERIOR PROJECTION 1000 Firmware v1.5.0

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2018

Released 09-10-2017

• Released software from 1.4.0 to 1.5.0 (can be downgraded to 1.4.0).
• Improved RDM functions.
• Time counter for lamp hours, only for reading out but cannot be reset.
• Fan name correction "JB2 LED PCB near UID PCB" to "PSU Fan".
"3JB1 Blower for gobo wheel" to "Gobo Wheel Fan".
"3JB2 Under top lid for PCB" to "PCBA Fan".
"5JB1 PSU" to "CMY Fan 1".
"5JB2 PSU" to "CMY Fan 2".
• Head Temperature changed to LED Temperature and Fixture Temperature.
• Updated error code to align with Martin error codes
• Use "sensor counter 16 bit" for reading out fan speed. Fan speed feedback via RDM. Fan indication color is green when RPM is in the normal range.
• Gobo indexing is available in the longest/shortest way. Parameter shortcuts ON/OFF are set to ON by defauly in channel 20.
• Temperature displayed in the display during low temperature reboot
• Improved QUEUED MESSAGE functions on RDM.
• Device ID model is 0x0071.

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