MAC Encore Performance Firmware v1.2.0

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: MAC Encore Performance Firmware v1.6.0. ×

Last Updated: Jun 14, 2018

Released April 2018

New features
Added new FX:
    •Animotion Amplitude FX (FX 39)
    This FX can be used in combination with an Animotion FX (FX 30-38) to scale how much animotion should be visible, by using the
    associated FX Speed.

    •Please note: This requires using both FX channels, ie. "Cross Chase" on FX channel 1 and Animotion Amplitude on FX channel 2.
    Scaling the animotion amplitude is in this example done by selecting a desired value on FX channel 2 FX speed.

•Fixed firmware 1.1.0 bug with animation wheel calibration that could cause continous animation wheel rotation to periodically stop.
•Animation wheel can now be calibrated via DMX.
•Thunderstorm Atomic (FX 22) and Thunderstorm (FX 23) no longer active if FX speed is set to 127-128 (FX stop).
•Pan and Tilt reset speed improved.

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