MAC Viper Profile firmware v1.3.0 7-12-2012

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2017

- RDM Base and PSU temperature sensors renamed to UI PCB Temperature and Power Unit PCB Temperature sensor to match menu implementation
- Service mode implemented (pressing and holding both jog-wheel and escape buttons while switching on mains power enters service mode)
- Pan/tilt reset improved 
- Motor driver timing improvements 
- Auto blackout enable feature added to DMX and RDM protocols
- DMX control of "Turn off Display on Fixture" moved to range [160-164]
- Default DMX value for GOBO indexing changed
- DMX "Store calibration" commands now match user manual
- Reduced number of events that can lead to system state timeout (SSTO)
- Function generator resynchronization now also active when random frequency is enabled
- Temperature sensors report sensor error when temperature range is outside -30 to 120Ă‚° C for more than 10 secs.
- Pan/tilt sensor errors now reported even when motors are not enabled

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