P3 Personality and Firmware Update Package 5.2.0 v2022-12-12

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: P3 Personality and Firmware Update Package 5.2.0 v2023-03-15. ×

Last Updated: Dec 12

Version 5.2.0 2022-12-12
Updates P3 System Controller running software 5.2.0 with the latest personality files and fixture firmware files.
Only applicable for P3 System Controllers running software 5.2.0.


  • Unpack the attached ZIP file and place all files on a USB memory device.
  • Plug the USB memory device into the P3 System Controller.
  • On the P3 System Controller, navigate to Settings -> Device & Firmware Library (top-right corner).
  • Navigate to the "User Library" tab.
  • Locate the files in the File Browser on the left (on the USB memory device).
  • Drag all files to the Library on the right.
  • Navigate to the "Current Device Firmware" tab.
  • Set the Current Device Firmware for each Device to the latest (highest) version.
  • Create a new showfile on the P3 System Controller.
  • All fixtures will now be available from the Fixture Library on the left.
  • Upon connecting fixtures running an older firmware, the P3 System Controller will suggest to update their firmware.

Updated Personality Files

  • MAC Aura PXL
  • VDO Atomic Dot CLD
  • VDO Atomic Dot WRM

Newly Added Personality Files

  • MAC Aura XIP
  • MAC Ultra Performance
  • MAC Ultra Wash
  • PDE Junction Box
  • VDO Atomic Bold

Newly Added Fixture Firmware Files

  • MAC Allure Profile 1.3.0
  • MAC Allure Profile 2.0.0
  • MAC Allure Wash PC 1.3.0
  • MAC Allure Wash PC 2.0.0
  • MAC Aura PXL 1.2.0
  • MAC Aura PXL 1.3.0
  • MAC Aura XIP 1.0.0
  • MAC Aura XIP 1.0.2
  • MAC Ultra Performance 1.3.0
  • MAC Ultra Performance 1.5.0
  • MAC Ultra Performance 1.6.0
  • MAC Ultra Wash 1.3.0
  • MAC Ultra Wash 1.5.0
  • MAC Ultra Wash 1.6.0
  • PDE Junction Box 1.1.0
  • PDE Junction Box 1.2.0
  • VC-Dot Family (incl. VC-Feeder) 2.4.4
  • VDO Atomic Bold 1.1.0
  • VDO Atomic Bold 1.2.0
  • VDO Atomic Dot 1.3.0

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