PDE Junction Box Active - P3 Personality File

Last Updated: Jul 30

When using P3 System Controller software 5.2.0 or older, the Active PDE Junction Box is not part of the default fixture library. You can add it to the library by importing the attached file.
(When using P3 System Controller software 5.3.0 or newer, the Active PDE Junction Box is part of the default library, and manual import of this file is NOT needed.)

- Unpack the attached ZIP file and place the XML file on a USB stick
- Insert the USB stick in the P3 System Controller
- On the P3 System Controller, navigate to Settings -> Fixture & Firmware Library (top-right corner)
- Navigate to the "User Library" tab
- Locate the PDE Junction Box XML file in the File Browser on the left (on the USB stick)
- Drag the file to the Library on the right
- Create a new showfile on the P3 System Controller
- The PDE Junction Box will now be recognized in Discovered Devices once plugged in

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