VDO Sceptron - Firmware v2.2.3

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: VDO Sceptron Firmware v2.4.1. ×

Last Updated: Nov 08, 2017

Released 08-05-2017

• Only compatible with P3 PowerPorts running firmware 2.0.5 or higher
• Only compatible with P3 System Controllers running firmware 3.1.1 or higher

New Features
• Thermal protection added when running in DMX mode
• Square law dimming added when running in DMX mode
• Support for RDM function 0x8700 (serial number) 

• VMX performance and timing optimized
• Unused ADC sensors removed from sensor info in RDM
• Faster detection of VMX or DMX during power on
• LEDs no longer updated if overtemp
• Status LED is now able to show if there has been no DMX packets for at least one second
• RDM supply voltage sensor prefix changed from MILI to CENTI
• RDM timing violations corrected to support larger RDM packets and shorter delays between packets
• Calibrated white test pattern now always calibrated regardless of calibration mode

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