Martin M6 - More than a lighting console

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Martin M6 - More than a lighting console A visual control surface Take Control! Go viral: Martin M6 - More than a lighting console Warning! Not confidential. This document is public and can go viral: M6 product specs: Key features: 2 x Positionable BriteTouch™ widescreens (sunlight readable, multi-touch) 2 x External DisplayPort touchscreens up to 1920x1080 per output 2 x FastTouch™ 3.5" touchscreens 1 x LiveBlender™ split T-Bar with 8 x FastBlend™ RGB buttons 4 x FastTrack™ linear encoders 12 x FastDial™ rotary encoders 1 x Dedicated dimmer wheel 10 x Motorized playbacks with LCD displays and 4 customizable buttons 10 x PlayPairs™ buttons with LCD displays 12 x Sub Playback faders and 12 x Sub Playback buttons 2 x Main Go sections 12 x F-Keys and 5 x FastKeys™ Low profile housing with adaptable module layout Show-ready boot up in under a minute Up to 64 DMX universes directly from the console network ports

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