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The MAC III AirFX is a highly versatile, mid-air effects luminaire in Martin's 1500-watt MAC III family. Capable of projecting a dense, hard-edge beam with stunning mid-air aerial effects, the fixture's unique optical system allows it to adjust from a tight beam to a radiant wash instantly for greater design flexibility. Beam gobo projections can adjust along the entire zoom range for a refreshingly diverse variety of mid-air looks. And unlike other fixtures, light output is constant throughout the entire zoom range with a fully linear zoom that gives no visible beam jump from tight to wide. Super bright, the MAC III AirFX is powerful enough to cut through light from even the most powerful LED screens. Check out pricing and availability at our website, always call us for quantity discount quotes! http://www.farralane.com/store/p-11591-martin-mac-iii-air-fx.aspx

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