Facades on Boulevard de la République and Place Wilson of Agen

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The city of Agen is undergoing great changes, with several projects seeing the light of day in recent years. On November 25, 2012, the facades on Boulevard de la République and Place Wilson will be illuminated by night, thanks to the installation of 321 Tripix 300s and 5 Exterior 410s from Martin. The companies Electromontage and Inéo, in charge of the project, have handled the installation, while the design is by Lionel Bessière of the Toulouse-based company Quartiers Lumières. Tripix 300s are bars of IP66 LEDs with an attractive design based on three-colored LEDs for a better mix of colors under the lens. This produces a wide range of shades, in particular bright whites, subtle pastels, and vibrant saturated colors, but no chromatic decomposition. Exterior 410, used for lighting designs requiring perfect chromatic compositions with no color separations, has very powerful pre-mixed LEDs. The Exterior 410, with 5600 lumens, is very bright indeed, and uses an RGBW system to form a wide palette of rich colors. Read more on the website: http://www.martin.com/casestory/casestory.asp?id=2387