Jem ZR44 1800W a real smoke machine 1200m3/min

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Jem ZR44 HI-MASS being tested indoors (no fans) and outdoors. Tests composed using Jem pro smoke high density SP fluid and ramping to maximum output. Features dual fluid pumps, 1800w heating capacity and a dual output single nozzle design, capable of 1200m3/min maximum output and only slightly less at a 100% duty cycle. In english this means it can produce nearly this much smoke all day long. Machine and particular fluid can be used for theatrical work, leak testing, fire/disaster simulations with maximum density and long hang time. The ZR44s' fine atomisation of fluid makes for a easy on the senses smoke, even at high densities. People who have been sensitive to smoke machines in the past have commented on the non irritating, effortless experience the ZR44 generated, compared to other machines they have experienced. Music by Architekt © 2011 All video and audio content exclusive property of Soulstorm Productions any unauthorized commercial usage prohibited. All Rights Reserved

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