Extended Color Mode for Martin MAC Quantum Wash

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Martin Professional questioned its own RAW and Calibrated Color Mode as well as other currently used methods of LED color control and has succeeded in combining color calibration, maximum saturation and the best possible white into one new color mode – namely the new Extended Color Mode. Each RGB-W fixture is calibrated to the same white point to get the best possible white as a default by setting RGB values at ‘full’ on the controller. Just like in the Calibrated Mode, the white LED is used by the color engine to ensure the best and calibrated uniformity throughout a range of fixtures. To get the maximum saturation on the primary RGB colors, the color engine actually allows the color engine to leave the borders of the calibration triangle and output the maximum potential of the LEDs, just like in the RAW Mode. The user can program the fixture with RGB control without compromising either uniform mixed colors, maximum saturation on primary colors, or the best quality white. The new Extended Color Mode is Martin´s very own and patented answer to the problems associated with LED color mixing. It premiers in the most powerful LED Wash light in the market: The MAC Quantum Wash.