MAC Quantumâ„¢ Wash product video

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MAC Quantumâ„¢ Wash Get ready for the new workhorse in your rig. The new MAC Quantum Wash is the most powerful response yet to the market's demands for brighter and more compact LED wash lights. Martin's highly efficient optical system gives the MAC Quantum Wash a 1:6 zoom system with maximum efficiency and superior optical quality. The MAC Quantum Wash features tight beams, beautiful wash fields, a market-leading color palette, and uniform mixing that combines to accommodate the most demanding applications, offering brightness and perfection. It also contains a new beam twist effect via a continuous rotatable and indexable front lens. This allows for stunning animated aerial and projection effects as well as some completely unique eye-candy lens effects that come to life in combination with Martin's patented Aura effect. "The MAC Quantum is more than just a wash light. With accurate balanced color, it is a unique effect and beam light with beautiful never before seen looks." Jonathan Goldstein, Lighting Designer, StarLight Visual Inc.