Martin Lighting at Penguin Bay in LEGOLAND®

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In order to simulate the unique light of the southern latitudes of the Falkland Islands for a colony of Gentoo penguins at LEGOLAND Parks' recently opened Penguin Bay exhibit in Billund, Denmark, it was extremely important to choose the right lighting fixtures. The world famous amusement park consequently turned to the dynamic and customizable characteristics of Martin Professional's Exterior 410™ and Exterior 100™ luminaires. The Penguin Bay installation consists of 16 Exterior 410™ LED fixtures mounted in the ceiling and 7 Exterior 100 LED fixtures mounted underwater. Both luminaire types are designed for use in extreme environments and remain operational from -30 to +45 degrees Celsius. The LED-based lights require little maintenance, produce very little heat, and consume less energy than discharge source alternatives. Both luminaires can reproduce virtually any color of the rainbow, including color temperature shades of white, and are color calibrated to ensure a 100% uniform color reproduction. The lighting installation is controlled by an intelligent system developed by Martin Professional that can be reprogrammed by LEGOLAND employees should there be a need for it. Photos: Allan Toft / Martin Professional