Free M-Series 3.70 Update

1 Aug 2017

Martin is pleased to announce the free 3.70 update to the M-Series software is now available for download. The update is compatible with the Martin M6, M1 HD, M2GO HD, M1, M2GO, M2PC, M-Touch, M-Play, M-Series Modules and M-PC.
Lighting designers will experience immediate benefits with the 3.7 update including: new view management and workflow to help compose scenes with fewer obstructions; faster access to programing tools; easy of creation and management of single or multi-display setups; smart toolbar pop-out and temporary expansions of windows for innovative access to information. In addition, the 3.7 update lays the foundation for a range of new features planned for the future.


Download  the update.


M-Series 3.70, New Features and Enhancements:


  • Views now display on any screen size or type, any console and M-PC.
  • Stored views will automatically scale to any supported screen resolution.
  • Edit View toolbar gives instant access to view editing and saving.
  • Resize and subdivide Views to create custom layouts, or access preset, multi-view layouts.
  • Share saved views across MaxNet to any M-Series device.
  • Expand any view area to full screen for detailed editing and control.
  • Open select windows as temporary pop-outs.
  • Windows using grids can have column and row count sets and customizable font sizes.
  • New image panel displays images and logos on any view.
  • Sidebar button supports view and now operates as assignable function keys for commands, groups, presets and other items.
  • Sidebar can be shown or hidden as needed.
  • Assignments of items to the sidebars and function keys are stored in workspaces. For example, Compose, Playback, DJ, High Def and M-PC views can each have separate workspaces.
  • Workspaces are accessible quickly from a dropdown menu.
  • Workspaces Editor allows you to add, copy, rename and sort workspaces.
  • Temporarily open any window panel or view without the need to assign it to a sidebar button with the Launcher function.
  • Supports up to 8 physical or virtual displays.
  • Display position wizard to indicate where each display is positioned in relation to each other.
  • Displays can be configured to show sidebar, toolbar, encoder bar, playback status and more.
  • Display settings are stored in the workspaces, offering instant recall of  single- or multi-monitor setups.


M-Series—a true family

M-Series family consists of more than 10 compatible devices operating on a common platform, utilizing an identical software feature set with no restrictions. All shows can be moved between all consoles and M-PC, retaining everything including views made on any other systems. This allows you to take a large show made on the M6 and run it the next day with an M-PC with or without additional playback hardware.
Matthias Hinrichs, Product Manager – Controller Solutions, HARMAN Professional Solutions: “We spent a great amount of time listening and watching how our users work and want to interact with the M-Series consoles and software. This helped us realize that we can offer a better experience by streamlining access to important information at any time. Providing a smarter workflow was the inspiration behind this latest software release and lays the groundwork for exciting upcoming features we are currently developing."
For more information and to download the software, visit