The Inground 200 features a valve that expels humidity as the fixture heats up and cools down. In normal conditions, this will keep fixtures free of excessive humidity. Condensation build up under the front glass to some extent is considered as normal behavior, but if you experience major drops under the front glass there might be a leakage on the fixture or a problem with the installation. The following checklist should solve this problem:

  • Inspect the installation pit for flooding. If any part of the Inground is under water, improve drainage. 
  • Check that the trim ring over the front glass is fully tightened. Check latest version of the user manual and installation guide to find specified torque setting for the trim ring screws.
  • Ensure that cable glands are correctly assembled, tightened and matched to cable diameters. (This does not comply with products manufactured after November 2008 as these come with pre installed cables from factory)
  • Check that any blanking plugs are fully tightened. 
  • Ensure that cables only open into dry locations and junction boxes. Temperature fluctuations can suck water along cable and into fixtures.
  • Check that trim ring does not collide with dirt, sand, gravel or surrounding edges to secure that all torque are put on the gasket.
  • Check that front glass gasket, trim ring and top of housing is clean before assembling.
  • If trim ring screws are not moving freely in the threads, clean the threads for sand and other particles. If necessary redo the threads with a M6 thread tap.
  • The fixture cannot withstand cleaning with high pressure water jet devices

To clear excessive humidity quickly, run the Inground 200 at operating temperature for a few minutes in dry weather with the front glass lifted, so that air circulates. Then refit the front glass while the fixture is hot. If you do this:

  • Block public access to the area while the fixture is open, wear safety glasses and gloves, and do not look into the light beam. 
  • Ensure that no dust or objects enter the fixture while it is open.

To minimize build up of condensation:

  • Keep fixtures powered on at all times and switch lamp on/off from DMX
  • Replace Silica Gel bags on a regular basis (For further information see user manual)