MAC 550 Profile lamp replacement warning still displayed after 750 hours

Osram recently improved the expected lifetime of the HTI 400/D3 lamp from 750 hours to 1000 hours. While this is good news, it meant that the fixture software warning for lamp replacement is now incorrect. The fixture will display a service message telling you to change the lamp after 750 hours of operation even though the expected lifetime is 1000 hours for the Osram lamp.

We have decided to not change the software to make the warning appear after 1000 hours instead of 750 hours for several reasons. The main reason is that the Philips MSR 400 SA/DE lamp is also approved for the MAC 550 and this lamp still has a lifetime of 750 hours. Since the fixture is not capable of detecting which lamp is installed, it cannot differentiate between 750 hours and 1000 hours of expected lamp lifetime. It is preferable to get the warning too early when using the Osram lamp than too late when using the Philips lamp, so the warning will be displayed after 750 hours, regardless of which lamp is installed.

The warning has no effect on the functionality of the fixture and there is no problem running the Osram lamp to 1000 hours. As always, we recommend that you monitor lamp life carefully using the onboard lamp hours counter.