** (23/03/2015) Updated part number: 05041026 has been re-numbered to be P/N 5050880 **

Due to issues with the original Thermal Trip (p/n 05042000) we have replaced the item with a new model (p/n 05041026) on the 240V models of the Magnum Hazer and ZR24/7 machines.

This new Thermal Trip is 'user resettable' and stops the need for replacing them if they 'trip out'.

Application for the 110V models will follow approvals for relevant countries.

This is factory fitted (240V) from serial number (21)6048370001 (ZR24/7) and (21)6048730001 (Magnum Hazer).

If you order a Thermal trip you should receive a new version. If you do not, please contact your distributor.