MAC Encore Wash Firmware v1.2.0

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: MAC Encore Wash Firmware v1.6.0. ×

Last Updated: Jun 27, 2019

New features
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Added new FX:
-Animotion Amplitude FX (FX 39)
This FX can be used in combination with an Animotion FX (FX 30-38) to scale how much animotion should be visible, by using the
associated FX Speed.

-Please note: This requires using both FX channels, ie. "Cross Chase" on FX channel 1 and Animotion Amplitude on FX channel 2.
Scaling the animotion amplitude is in this example done by selecting a desired value on FX channel 2 FX speed.

-Fixed an issue where a calibration value was not always correctly saved when calibrating via DMX.
-Animation wheel can now be calibrated via DMX.
-Thunderstorm Atomic (FX 22) and Thunderstorm (FX 23) no longer active if FX speed is set to 127-128 (FX stop).
-Pan and Tilt reset speed improved.

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